Smart Mattress

Samrt matress - queen size mattress

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life with a Smart Mattress

  Revolutionize your sleeping experience with top-quality foam mattresses from Eight Sleep’s Smart Collection. Choose between the affordable Saturn+, the amazingly comfortable Jupiter+, and the reactive comfort and hybrid design of the Mars+. From the comfort of your own bed, you can track sleeping patterns, set an alarm, brew coffee in the kitchen, and control your lighting systems. What more could you ask for? Read our detailed reviews to find out which smart mattress is best suited for you… Eightsleep Saturn +

The Saturn+

For three layers of premium foam, and smart sleep tracking, trust the Saturn+ silent sleep mattress. From a relaxed, horizontal position, you can manage bed temperature, control your home’s lighting system, brew a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and enjoy one of the most comfortable sleep of your life. This medium-firm queen size mattress is compatible with most sleeping positions, and ensures no motion transfer, reducing disturbance when getting in and out of bed. Sleep comfortably as of the first day, as the Saturn+ will never give you new mattress back pain. It also just happens to be the most affordable smart cooling mattress on the market. Pros: · Great for individuals who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomachs. · Provides pressure relief for aching joints and muscles. · Easily connects with other smart home devices. Cons: · Does not provide a cooling option. · “Medium firm” option may not be ideal for all sleepers. · Company formed in 2014, so long-term performance has yet to be tested.
Eight Jupiter +

The Jupiter+

Designed with layers of reactive foam, the Jupiter+ smart queen size mattress measures nightly sleeping patterns, allows you to monitor bed temperature and can integrate with other smart home devices. Not too firm, and not too soft, this mattress tracks up to 15 factors about health and sleep, including heart and respiratory rate, and REM sleep. If you like sleeping in colder temperatures, but your partner prefers being warm, the Jupiter+ mattress allows you to control each side of the bed independently for maximum comfort. The best part? You can program everything from your smartphone. Pros: · Integrates easily with IoT and WiFi. · Can connect with your alarm to optimize sleep cycles. · Offers unmatchable customizability and comfort. Cons: · Mattress only available in “medium firm” style. · Mattress can soften over time. · The warranty could be better.

The Mars+

This hybrid smart mattress combines sleeved coils and soft foam layers for unbeatable comfort. The sleeved coils are a better alternative to gel foam mattresses, as they provide natural airflow and cooling. Designed with smart technology to track sleeping patterns and adjust bed temperature, we consider the Mars+ a no-brainer. A five on the firmness scale (out of 10,) this mattress was developed with the use of more than 200 billion data points and the analysis of 10 million hours of sleep. With the Mars+, you and your partner can control the temperature of each side of the bed independently and get the best sleep possible. This mattress can do just about anything, including turn lights off when you go to bed, and brew a fresh pot of coffee in the morning. Pros: · Comes equipped with a smart alarm. · Can be controlled from most smartphones. · Tracks 15 factors about sleep and health. Cons: · Only available in “medium firm” style. · Does not provide a cooling feature. · Hybrid design doesn’t feel like a “traditional mattress.” [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]