Modern Luxury Master Bedroom Sets

The master bedroom is a sanctum for its inhabitants, where they can relax and leave their daily stress behind them and slip into a particular dream world of their own. This room reflects their personality, values and life priorities, and its decor is of utmost importance to create a special atmosphere which can both soothe and excite at once.

When decorating your master bedroom, it is important not to overlook any details and to make this space a unique reflection of yourself and with whoever you share this space. It is no wonder that the master bedroom is usually the largest room in the house, as it must accommodate many different objectives.

luxury bedroom

What will you do in this space?  Other than a bed, does your room require a reading corner? An area to have your morning tea next to a window or a fireplace? An exercise or meditation corner? A boudoir or a special place to put on your makeup and make yourself feel beautiful?  Your bedroom function expresses your personality and determines your needs.

As it is the most personal room in the house, the master bedroom’s decor is a testament to your unique, distinguished, refined human qualities.  You should always address your master bedroom’s function and decoration with style.  A modern, luxury master bedroom decor requires careful consideration and care to put together comfortably and cohesively.

If you’re looking to know what the most excellent modern bedroom items are, you’ve come to the right place! We are here to share our impressions of master bedroom decor items to help you make better choices in your luxury bedroom item selection. Have a look at our suggestions for the best modern bedding, smart devices and accessories for your master bedroom decor.


Your linens are the make or break all of your bedroom design.  They reflect your personality, great taste and sense of style. High-end luxury bed linens create an appealing, luxurious and comfortable space to relax and enjoy life.


We’ll help you with your wildest dreams by letting you know which are the warmest and fluffiest best duvet covers and comforters to snuggle up under.


There is nothing more exciting than slipping into fresh, soft, stylish, luxurious bed sheets to help you get your well-needed and deserved bedroom passion – and beauty sleep.

Bed Pillows

Beautiful designer cushions add great luxury accents to your inviting bed.

Throws and blankets

Your bedspreads and throws set the tone and accents for your bedroom ambiance so that you can enjoy every bedroom moment in style.


We spend no less than 33% of our lives in bed. Choosing the right bed, therefore, should be of primary importance. Size, height and style are the three main options to take into consideration when selecting a bed. King or queen-sized beds give a couple enough room to rest comfortably. Low platform beds provide a sense of openness, whereas high beds provide more of a royal sensation. Sleigh beds or canopy beds are cozy, whereas upholstered or wooden panel beds provide back support. Chose the right bed frame, head and footboard and mattress combination to fit your bedtime needs.

Mattresses and box springs

The right mattress and box spring makes a huge difference in the quality of rest your body receives each night. It is essential to choose high quality, durable materials that will last the trials of daily use, children jumping and couple fun, over the next ten years.

Headboards and footboards

Headboard and footboard style and function must go hand in hand when it comes to their selection. How do you enjoy your bed the most? Perhaps you’re an avid reader, for example, in which case a high-back upholstered headboard would be the best bed headboard style for you. Maybe you enjoy gazing out the patio doors at the foot of your bed, in which case a low, open footboard style would be more suited for you.

Beds & bed frames

Choosing the right bed frame goes beyond the bed’s visual impact, as the right bed frame can increase the longevity of your mattress.

Smart Devices for Bedroom

Smart technology is everywhere. As our devices get faster, smarter, and more intuitive, life gets less complicated. With smart house devices, we can control most appliances in our home from afar. Drawing the blinds, lighting up the room, and boiling the kettle can be done with a simple touch of a button.

Surprisingly, in the age of the “smart home”, one of the most distinctly neglected rooms, concerning smart devices, is the bedroom. How, might you ask, can smart home products be used in the bedroom? Imagine being able to adjust the temperature of your bed to suit both you and your partner’s different temperature preferences? If you’re a finicky sleeper, smart technology can allow you to track your sleeping patterns on your phone, so you can sleep deeper, and feel better.

Discover some of the most innovative smart bedrooms ideas on the market today at Signature Life.

Smart Mattress

A smart mattress will give you the personalized support you need for the best sleep possible. Imagine being able to control things such as the temperature, the firmness, and the elevation of your bed with just the tap of a finger. With a smart mattress, you’ll never have trouble falling asleep again.

Mattress Pad

Do you and your partner differ on what you believe to be the best sleeping temperature? A Mattress Pad will end your temperature quarrels, as it allows you to be able to adjust the temperature of each side of the bed differently. If like many people, you suffer from nocturnal sweats, a smart Mattress Pad is just what you need. These mattress pads can cool your body temperature so that you can have the best, rejuvenating sleep, ever!